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Our approach is holistic; we understand both the sales and buying cycle and have extensive experience in tendering with an excellent track record.  We can therefore help you with all of the above by delivering the following services:

Proposal Writing

Understanding your customers hot buttons, developing win themes and value propositions and being able to articulate these into a well written proposal may win you the bid; a poorly written proposal will certainly lose it. We can show you how to structure a professional proposal which makes life easy for the reader, a pleasure to evaluate and one that will be scored highly.

Tender Review

If you've never had an independent tender review carried out, you may wish to start here. Providing you with invaluable insight into how well you have responded to your customers requirement will help you make immediate improvements to future bids in terms of approach, content and output.


Knowing when to bid/no bid is a key factor in achieving your desired win rate. We will help you to focus on opportunities that you have a real chance of winning which will save you valuable time, cost and resource allowing your sales teams to spend time selling.

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Full Bid Management

An end to end service that will guide you through the entire process including qualification, PQQ or RFI, the main proposal submission (online or hard copy), through to the final presentation and award stages. Working closely with you and your customer's requirement to deliver a first class bid.

- You’ve received a tender and don’t know what to do with it?

- You'd like to know why a recent bid was unsuccessful?

- You’re in the middle of a proposal and need some professional advice?

- You’d like to win more business but don’t have the resource to manage it?

- An important contract is due for renewal and you must retain it?

- You'd like to refresh your current proposal documents and want to know how?


Whether you are new to tendering or a seasoned player, you will want your proposals to deliver a compelling proposition; one that is easy for your customer to evaluate and one that will set you apart from your competition and win the contract.